Shown are: 3rd floor left: Eric Nutall; 2nd floor left: Sybil Cornell and Howard Harris; 2nd floor right: Carolyn Bellew; 1st floor left: Annie Chaney; and 1st floor right: Geneva Haggard.

COVID-19 has brought about many changes for people in the community, including causing people to shelter-in. For a community of people over age 55 in Commerce, the property manager of their complex came up with a solution to give them a little bit of outdoors.

Sunshine Duckett, property manager of Mason Manor Apartments in Commerce, said, many of the tenants are staying home due to fears of contracting the coronavirus.

“Ninety percent of these seniors are active so they’re not happy with the present situation,” Ms. Duckett said. “They used to gather under the pavilion to grill hot dogs or just hang out with each other to have fun. However, they have become weary of their circumstances lately and are tired of staying inside. I wanted to do something to boost morale.”

Ms. Duckett met with Home Depot in Commerce to see if they could give some assistance. Jeanette Dean, the general manager, agreed to give a generous discount toward the cost of retractable screen doors for all the tenants.

“The installation of the doors has made a huge difference,” Ms. Duckett said “One tenant expressed how happy she was to be able to hear nature’s sounds while remaining inside. It made her feel like she was outdoors. I am in the process of having the tenants sign a thank you card to present to Home Depot for their participation in putting a smile on the faces of our seniors.”


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