I drove to Athens to check out a sale that I go to every year. I thought I might find a few stocking stuffers for the family. I have been to this sale several years and I always find something.

I looked through the jewelry and scarves and other items. I didn’t see one thing that I thought would make a good gift for anyone on my list.

As I walked back to the parking deck where I had to pay to park, I thought what a wasted trip I had made to Athens. Waste of time. Waste of gas. Waste of money I had to pay to park.

Just as I was getting all grumpy, I heard a voice yelling my name, “Angela Gary.” I looked around. Didn’t see anyone but I heard it several more times. A little louder each time. “Angela Gary! ANGELA GARY!!!”

It was a friend. He said he was about to call me and tell me that his sister had a heart attack and was on life support. She was in critical condition. I hugged him. Told him I would pray for him. Walked back to the car and prayed for him before I left the parking deck. Got my prayer list out and added his sister’s name to it, along with his name.

Thought about it as I drove home. Guess it wasn’t a wasted trip to Athens after all. God always puts us right where He wants us to be. God is always up to something. It is a blessing to be just a small part of it.

Angela Gary is an editor with MainStreet Newspapers Inc. She can be reached at angela@mainstreetnews.com.

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