Lucretia Cooper

Madison County’s Lucretia Cooper, who goes by “Lu,” says that when she is “baking for people and building relationships through food, there's no greater joy."

She wants to open a local storefront bakery, with cinnamon rolls, cookies and pastries, and she’s close to earning prize money to make that dream a reality.

Cooper is in the final four of the “Greatest Baker Contest” by Baked From Scratch Magazine and is now a semifinalist. If Cooper wins, she said the $10,000 cash prize will go toward opening a local storefront bakery. The “Greatest Baker 2020” also gets a $15,000 photo shoot and a spread in Baked From Scratch Magazine.

The wife and mother of two, who owns the online bakery, LulusBakeology, has been baking since she was very young.

“After many years of watching my aunt and grandfather who were awesome cooks, I knew I wanted to become a chef,” said the Savannah native. “I went to culinary school in Kentucky where I honed my skills. Once I graduated, I started my own personal chef and catering business.”

After Cooper’s husband retired from the military and the family moved to Georgia, Cooper decided to start an online bakery. She is currently a store manager for a big coffee chain by day and a baker at night.

“My goal for many years is to open a brick-and-mortar bakery,” she said.

In order to win the contest, the public must vote for each baker on a daily basis.

“I made it to the number-one spot in each selection and I am now in the semifinals,” said Cooper. “It would be a dream come true to win this contest so that I can open a storefront bakery. I also would love to create jobs in my community.”

The contest ends on Dec. 10. To vote, visit

Find out more about Cooper at: Facebook LuLusBakeology, her website, LuLusBakeology.Shop or on Instagram at LuCooper35.


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