The Madison County Library now has the following books available to check out:

"What Happened to You?" by Bruce D. Perry, M.D.

"When the Welfare People Come" by Don Lash

"After" by Bruce Greyson, M.D.

"Broken in the Best Possible Way" by Jenny Lawson

"Code Breaker" by Walter Isaacson

"Empire of Pain" by Patrick Radde Keefe

"Freeing Jesus" by Diana Butler Bass

"High Conflict" by Amanda Ripley

"How to Attract Birds to Your Garden" by Dan Rouse

"It's Always Freezer Season" by Ashley Christensen

"Laundry Love" by Patric Richardson

"Owed" by Joshua Bennett

"Privacy is Power" by Carissa Veliz

"The Self-Sufficiency Bible" by Simon Dawson

"Simply Julia" by Julia Turshen

"Tears We Cannot Stop" by Michael Eric Dyson

"Think Again" by Adam Grant

"Three Ordinary Girls" by Tim Brady

"The Chosen and the Beautiful" by Nghi Vo

"Disappearing Act" by Catherine Steadman

"Rabbits" by Terry Miles

"The Thousand Crimes of Ming Tsu" by Tom Lin

"Amish Surprise" by Shelley Shepard Gray

"The Devil May Dance" by Jake Tapper

"A Dog's Courage" by W. Bruce Cameron

"The Final Twist" by Jeffrey Deaver

"Olympus Texas" by Stacey Swann

"Robert B. Parker's Payback" by Mike Lupica

"Things We Lost to the Water" by Eric Nguyen

Call the library at 706-795-5597 or visit to place items on hold.


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