The Madison County Retired Educators Association met at the Ila Café March 10.

“The Comer Elementary School chorus, directed by Ms. Sophia Sexton, entertained us beautifully,” said a MCREA leader. “One of the renditions was accompanied by ‘boom whackers,’ tubes cut to different lengths to create different pitches. The students using them sat on the floor to whack different tubes at just the right time to accompany the song. There were more than thirty talented, hard-working students, nine of which competed statewide with perfect scores. The program was excellent, and the children’s voices were quite beautiful.”

The retired educators heard about “gratitude and continuing to be thankful,” then “elected outstanding teachers of Madison County” were introduced. Each received an award of recognition from Georgia Retired Educations Association given by Madison County Retired Educators Association.

“Each one has shown herself to be dedicated and passionate about the job she does,” said an MCREA leader. “Thank you for all you do.”

Those honored were Sally Marable from Hull-Sanford, Joan Fouche from Madison County Middle School, and Jenny Dyer from Madison County High School.

The essay contest for fifth graders was mentioned.

“The participating students had a great time in writing these tributes to their grandparents,” said a MCREA leader. “The teachers who scored them greatly enjoyed reading them. It is our hope that the essays will be shared with the loved ones written about by the students. Even though retired, teachers still love education and continue to serve the community with volunteer programs and other endeavors. It keeps us active and connected.”


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