Todd Higdon

New Madison County Board of Commissioners Chairman Todd Higdon spoke to the Rotary Club of Madison County Friday.

As a past mayor of Danielsville, he realizes the importance of city and county governments working more closely together. The county’s improving its assistance to small cities is top on his list in order to strengthen the infrastructure. For example, though Carlton is about to outgrow itself, it doesn’t have the equipment to clean up shoulders of its roads.

“But the county does,” he said. So, it needs to support the smaller towns like Ila and Carlton with equipment and services. Comer has beautiful old buildings, but they need to be “fixed up,” and that will take county support.

Another goal is to improve roads. Growth is good, but new subdivisions take a toll on the roads, the school system, the sewage system and water. Currently, the budget is in the black, Higdon told the Rotary club, but several areas are not getting the share they need for improvement.

Right now, the county is spending more on recreation than on roads, and though recreation is very important to people, good roads are necessary to support it.

So, the different areas in the county have to work together to support each other, and more importantly, the county and cities need to plan as a unit. Higdon’s vision includes an emphasis on roads and water. It includes counties and cities working hand in hand, and it even includes the start of a veteran’s advocacy group. It’s all about infrastructure, and to improve it, Ila, Danielsville, Hull, Comer, Carlton, Colbert and Madison County governments must move in the same direction and march hand in hand into the future.

Ellen Cowne provides news from the Rotary Club of Madison County.


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