‘Re-bugging the Planet’ donated to library

The Madison County Democratic Committee recently donated a book titled Re-bugging the Planet by Vickie Hird (Published by Chelsea Green Publishing, 2021) to the Madison County Public Library. “This is a timely book and one that will appeal to young people and adults as well,” said Democratic leaders. Insects are the cornerstone of the planet’s ecosystem. They pollinate plants, feed birds and other animals, defend food crops and clean the water systems. “It’s not always easy to ‘love’ our bugs, but without them we humans would perish and our world’s ecosystem would collapse,” said Democratic leaders. “They are also of great economic benefit: bees alone contribute billions of dollars to the U.S. economy annually. While we have to control many unwanted insects in our farming community, we need to be careful not to destroy all of our insects. This book encourages city dwellers and farmers alike to find ways to allow our native insects to flourish, from planting pollinator rows on our farmlands to ‘re-wilding’ city parks, school campuses and roadsides.” Pictured is Madison County Democratic Committee member Maggie Sjoberg donating the book to staff member Ashley Graham. Sjoberg is part of the group’s Community Affirmation Committee. The book will be available to check out once it is cataloged. Other books of interest on this topic include Bringing Nature Home and Nature’s Best Hope, both by renowned entomologist Douglas Tallamy. For more information, contact the Madison County Public Library at 706-795-5597.


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