The Retired Educators of Madison County met at the Ila Restaurant Dec. 14. Everyone was delighted to have the Comer Choir entertain with Christmas songs, especially “Santa Claus and the Three Bears.” Miss Sexton does a wonderful job with her students.

Three special visitors came to speak with the retired educators. Each had good information to share. First was Representative Rob Leverett. He spoke about educational services provided by the State of Georgia, and his job of policymaking. He reiterated how important it is to maintain communication between educators and their representatives. He also talked about incentives to attract more graduates to become educators.

Representative Alan Powell talked about the vaccine, and how politically divided people are when everyone needs to be working together despite their differences. He talked about the economy in Georgia and why our state is doing well financially when others are struggling. People need to be aware of what is happening and actively participating in elections to further our best interests.

The third guest was Senator Frank Ginn. As a member of the Georgia State Senate, he encouraged people to call him at any time when issues arise. He wants to be available to contact whenever the need arises. In 1985 a law was passed for funding Georgia’s public education. Known as the QBE (Quality Basic Education) Act, this report analyzes and compares the state of education in Georgia through the years and with other states. It explores what areas are due for review or revision. Representative Powell informed the group that the QBE fund has been increased in 2021.

Some new bills are coming up for consideration in the new year. The education budget (55 percent of the state’s budget goes to education) is on the list. CRT (Critical Race Theory) in the schools will be prohibited. The QSB (Qualified Small Business) fund will be considered. There is a bill to balance sales and income tax. Lastly, medical marijuana is up for reconsideration.

Madison County Retired Educators have been very fortunate to have such knowledgeable and eloquent guests to bring the information that they do. They, and everyone, are wished the best in the coming new year.

Brenda Abdel-Hafez, a member of the Retired Educators of Madison County, provided a report from the group’s December meeting.


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Virginia Moss

Nice article; good to know we have the resource of retired educators to stay informed and be active in our community. However, how can you prohibit something that never has been in pubic or private schools in this country? Critical race theory is taught in law school at the college level as a matter of legal approach. I doubt that most people have any idea what it entails. Seems like just another boogie man to me.

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