Rotary Club constructs ramp for Rev. Shelton

The Rotary Club of Madison County constructed a handicap ramp for Rev. Henry Shelton, who lives on Gholston Street in Comer. The ramp was the 756th constructed by the Rotary Club. Rev. Shelton is a lifetime resident of Madison County. He worked as the superintendent of Poss Foods in Athens for more than 20 years and worked in this area as an electrical contractor. But his primary duty was as an evangelist. He and his wife, Genvena, spent 50 years traveling around Georgia speaking at different churches. He has been the pastor of the Full Gospel Church of Comer for over 30 years. But now at 86 years old he is confined to a wheelchair because his lungs and other health issues have made it impossible to walk around. He told the crew how much he admired and appreciated all the Rotary Club of Madison County does for the county. The family made a donation to pay for the materials for the ramp. “Aiding the Rotary members building the ramps are several volunteers from the Madison County community who are a welcome addition to our project,” organizers said. The ramps are constructed on the basis of need, and the club depends on fundraisers and donations to help pay for the people that cannot pay for the materials. All the labor is donated by the workers. Workers on this ramp included James Adams, Jerry Coutant, Ed Brown, Artry Bishop, Johnny Westmoreland, Johnny Minish, Mitchell Hill, Walton, Hill, Alan Phillips and Roy Gandy.


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