Rotary constructs ramp for Henryetta Bishop

The Madison County Rotary Club’s ramp crew constructed its 782nd handicap ramp July 9 for Henryetta Bishop near Carlton. “Henryetta’s spirit is strong but, as she expressed it, life can be hard,” said Rotary leaders. She requires oxygen and suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, and a degenerating disk that has already required two surgeries. Although born in Jackson County she has lived in Madison County since she was 12 and attended school in the county and at Athens Technical College. Early on, she studied and received a degree as a paralegal technician but after getting another degree in hospitality she finally moved on to become a Certified Nursing Assistant caring for people at medical facilities in the area and at home in hospice care. She had six sons and now has 15 grandchildren and a dog, Bacon, who kept close eye on the ramp crew. Ed Brown, Alan Philips, Mike Williams, Mitchel Hill, Bruce Gandy, Matt Berryman with the help of Jerry Coutant built a 32-foot ramp with a four-by-five-foot deck and a threshold ramp for Bishop. The ramp was almost complete when she first opened her door to look at it. She expressed astonishment at the size of the ramp that will give her essential mobility, and she thanked the ramp crew and Rotary warmly with the words, “This is a godsend, you don’t know just how important this ramp is for me, thank you.”


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