Rotary ramp

Workers on the ramp for Bonnie West included Bob Padilla, Roy Gandy, James Adams, Johnny Minish, Artry Bishop, Ed Brown, Mitchell Hill, Alan Phillips, Johnny Westmoreland, Bruce Gandy, David McGinnis and Jerry Coutant.

Sometimes the results of the Rotary Club of Madison County's Ramp program really shows in the reaction of the recipient of a handicapped ramp.

"I thank the Lord for the good people building this ramp for me, maybe now I can get to use my walker and go out and sit in the sun,” said an emotional Bonnie West.

Club members and volunteers gathered at West’s home, who lives in Ila, to build an 18-foot ramp to help her get in and out of her house. This was the 768th ramp constructed by the club.

West has been a resident of Ila for most of her life and is now living on Westbrook Street. She has suffered from leukemia for many years, which has limited her ability to climb and walk around safely. She needed a ramp to get in and out of her home. She is one of Madison County's women working in the cotton industry for many years. She worked for the Harmony Grove Cotton Mill running a winder for about 17 years.

She also worked at a restaurant on Hwy. 98 owned by Tim Weeks after she left the cotton business.

“Some long time residents of Madison County will remember what a cotton mill winder is and a long closed restaurant in Madison County owned by Tim,” said Rotary leaders.

West has attended the Madison County Holiness Church most of her life.


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