Sheriff’s Office presented with flag

Suzanne Hudgens presented Sheriff Michael Moore with the United States national motto flag, “In God We Trust,” which will hang in the entryway of the Madison County Sheriff’s office. “The history of our national motto is very interesting,” said Hudgens. “In 1864, America was being ripped apart by a disastrous Civil War. New research reveals that over 750,000 soldiers lost their lives (more than all other US wars combined). In order to unite the nation around the Higher Power upon which it was formed, Congress passed an act on April 22, 1864, authorizing ‘In God We Trust’ to be put on all coins. The following Spring the war ended. During the height of the cold war with Russia, the United States wanted to declare to the world how we were distinct from Russia. On July 30, 1956, the joint session of the 84th Congress unanimously passed a bill, which made ‘In God We Trust’ our national motto. In 1991, the cold war ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union.”


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