Comer Health and Rehabilitation received positive results for the coronavirus on two more residents, according to Director Bo Dalton. This brings the nursing home’s total to 54 positive residents, out of 95 total residents. He said these positives were among test results not received as of Monday. One test is still pending.

One resident has died. Dalton declined to comment on the details of the patient’s death, saying it was out of respect for the patient’s family and federal privacy laws regarding protected patient information.

“Every time we lose someone, we feel that loss,” Dalton said. “They become a part of the family here and we grieve that person’s death along with their loved ones.”

Dalton said five more patients with COVID-19 have been hospitalized, with three being transported to the hospital on Thursday.

One patient, a female, was hospitalized earlier.

He noted that all of the hospitalized patients have other health conditions, or comorbidities, in addition to testing positive for the virus. The number of positive staff members remains at three.

Cases at the nursing home have skyrocketed this week. There were eight positive patients on Friday, May 15. That total rose to 52 on Monday.

After having some patients exhibit symptoms, Dalton said the decision was made on Friday, May 15, to test all of the residents for the COVID-19 virus.

Forty residents have tested negative.

Dalton said the staff has moved patients into different rooms so that all negative patients are housed separately from the positive patients in order to try and prevent further spread of the virus.

Most of the patients are either asymptomatic or have low-grade fevers, Dalton noted.

He reiterated that the nursing home continues to follow all guidelines and precautions issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Department of Public Health (DPH).

He said staff are working to keep family members updated on their loved ones’ status and that those with additional concerns should call the nursing home.

Dalton said the the National Guard is also helping out and deep cleaned the facility again on Monday. He noted that they have been at the nursing home multiple times since mid-March and that they plan to routinely provide cleaning services over the next few weeks.

Reports of virus activity in nursing homes in Georgia is updated daily. To follow Comer and all other nursing home virus activity go to:

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