Madison County voters will say “Yes” or “No” Nov. 2 on the county’s road future — either more funds for improvements or not.

A referendum is set for that first Tuesday in November on a five-year, one-cent sales tax for county transportation improvements. County commissioners put the referendum on the ballot this year, noting that several surrounding counties have a transportation special purpose local option sales tax (T-SPLOST) to fund improvements.

If approved, one penny from every dollar spent in Madison County over the next five years will go toward transportation improvements in the county, mostly paving and resurfacing. Madison County has limited tax dollars to make improvements as it is, with nearly $5.5 million coming through a separate county sales tax that funds various projects, not just roads, and roughly $700,000 coming per year coming through the state’s Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant (LMIG).

Madison County is geographically large and has 568.53 total road miles, including 456.28 paved miles and 112.25 dirt miles. The estimated cost for resurfacing a mile of paved road is $150,000, while the cost of paving a mile of dirt road is $425,000.

A one-cent tax over five years would generate roughly $13 million to spend on the county’s 568 miles. That funding would go to both the county government and municipalities for transportation projects.

The breakdown between the entities is determined by population as set in the 2010 Census — the 2020 Census had not been released when the commissioners approved the resolution for the referendum. The allocation of funds would be as follows: county, $11,425,700; Carlton, $132,600; Colbert, $302,900; Comer, $577,200; Danielsville, $287,300; Hull, $101,400; and Ila, $172,900.


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Virginia Moss

Nearly half a million to pave a mile of dirt road, not counting the clearing, grading and preparation for paving? I just don't get it. It seems, literally, highway robbery. Why does it cost so much?

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