When it comes to road paving, Madison County commissioners have less bang for their buck this year due to increased asphalt prices.

County public works director Alan Lapczynski told commissioners Monday that asphalt prices are up $9.70 a ton compared to this time last year. The county is considering paving just over 11 miles of roads in its annual Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant (LMIG) projects. The state provides a sum of money each year and Madison County must match 30-percent of the cost to receive the funding. If approved, the 11 miles of roads will cost roughly $112,000 more than the projects would have cost at the same time last year due to increased asphalt costs.

County commissioners discussed LMIG projects but took no action Monday. The board reviewed bids from Garrett Paving, the lone company submitting bids on seven roads. If the board approved all seven roads, the total cost would be just over $1.3 million, which is roughly $300,000 more than the matching grant requires.

The commissioners have roughly $1 million in sales tax funds available for road projects. That fund had dipped into the red in recent years, but it is now back to over $1 million. So the county could use some SPLOST funds to cover costs that exceed the 30-percent matching fund requirement.

Roads that are being considered include Brickyard Road, $229,042; New Haven Church Road (considered in two sections), $572,702; Joe Graham Road, $66,623; Piedmont Road, $172,095; McGinnis Chandler Road, $131,622; Mize Road, $41,375; and Crawford Long Street, $91,053.

Lapczynski said that Piedmont Road is probably in the best shape of any of the roads being considered for repaving, but he added that 65 homes are being constructed on that road.

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