Madison County commissioners spoke briefly Oct. 7 about state funding for local road projects.

In recent years, the county has received around $700,000 annually from the state government through its Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant (LMIG) program, which requires a 30-percent matching commitment from the county government. That gives the county roughly $1 million a year to address county road improvements through LMIG. The county also gets sales tax funding for roads.

County public works director Alan Lapczynski, who served as the county road department director, said $1 million covers about eight miles of paving. He noted that there are over 400 miles of paved roads in the county and another 113 miles of dirt roads. He said money is generally used to address the most heavily traveled through roads, but he added that there’s never enough to address all that needs to be improved.

Lapczynski said passage of the one-cent regional transportation sales tax that voters turned down several years ago would have been a big boost to county roads, bringing in roughly $1.6 million annually.

Commissioner Brian Kirk said he has spoken with officials in other regions where the tax passed who are happy with what it has meant for their local roads.

County commissioners will have more discussions of how LMIG funds will be used at an upcoming meeting.

In a separate matter, the BOC learned that the county may receive $300,000 from the state for road county striping and signage to improve safety on local roads.


In other business Oct. 8:

•The board approved a request by Ralph Hudgens to rezone his 6.131-acre parcel from A-2 to R-R to subdivide into three parcels, allowing an additional home site. The property is located on Map 15 Parcel 166 on Neese Commerce Road in District 1.

•The commissioners approved a request by Julia Echols to rezone her 5.98-acre parcel from A-2 to R-R to subdivide for the two home sites that already exist on her property. The property is located on Map 10 Parcel 144 on Blacks Creek Church Road in District 1.

•County commissioners postponed a request by Janet Ayers who seeks a conditional use permit for a dog kennel on Waggoners Grove Church Road. The request will go before the zoning board again in November and before county commissioners in December.

•The board also approved amendments to the zoning ordinance regarding accessory buildings. Zoning administrator Linda Fortson said the changes were necessary because some people with 25, 50 or 100 acres of land, but no home on the property, were being restricted from building a barn or other accessory building under the zoning ordinance.

•Commissioner Lee Allen said he has been contacted about the speed limit on Sanford Road being reduced from 50 miles per hour to 45 miles per hour. He also stated that there is brush in the curve of the road at the Sanford Community Center.

•Commissioner Derek Doster said that from a safety standpoint, he would like to look at adding a permitting process that requires the road department to sign off on new driveway requirements.


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Virginia Moss

How does it cost $125,000 to pave or repave one mile of road?! Does this include curbing? Drainage infrastructure? It's just paving. Can anyone please explain this astronomical cost?

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