A kennel for training military and police dogs will be located on Dillard Road.

County commissioners approved a conditional use permit for Peter Schnurrer for a family-operated, dog-training business. That permit is limited to two acres around the existing home on the property.

Schnurrer said there will never be more than five-to-10 dogs at the property at any time, where they will be trained to carry out police and military functions, a process that he said takes about six-to-eight weeks for the dogs. The neighbors closest to Schnurrer expressed that they are OK with the business. The conditional use applicant said there will be an exercise yard about 200 feet behind the house for the dogs but added that the canines will spend much of their time inside being trained. He said noise pollution will be kept to a minimum.

“We hope you welcome us to the community and what we do for nation and men and women in uniform,” said Schnurrer.

Newly elected commissioner Dennis Adams asked the board to consider postponing a decision on the request until more details were provided. Schnurrer then addressed some of Adams’ questions.

Commissioner Lee Allen said he has had discussions with Schnurrer and believes the business provides a real service to law enforcement and the military. The board voted 5-0 to approve the conditional use permit.


In other zoning matters Monday:

•The commissioners approved a request by John Cox of Finish Line Auto to rezone four acres of his 25-acre parcel on Hwy. 172 from A-1 to B to restore old cars.

•The board approved a request by Mark Jenkins to rezone his 2.58-acre property on Moons Grove Church Road from R-R to B for a veterinary clinic. The commissioners also approved his request to rezone a portion of his 2.23-acre property on Moons Grove Church Road from R-R to R-1 to combine with his adjoining R-1 property.

•The board approved a request by Andrew Lane to rezone his 1.5-acre parcel on James Adams Road from A-2 to A-1 to combine with his adjoining property.

•A wi-fi tower will be placed on Bullock Mill Road thanks to a vote by the board to allow a conditional use permit for Nelson McGinnis.

•The board approved a request by Craig McDade, representing David and Ann McRae, to rezone their 12.27-acre parcel on Bonds Lake Road from A-2 to R-R to subdivide the three homes on the property.

•Commissioners approved a request by Margie and Terry Gibbs to rezone approximately two acres of their 9.72-acre property on Hwy. 98 from A-2 to R-R for a home site for their daughter.

•The group approved a request by Paul Kidd to rezone his five-acre parcel on Transco Road from A-2 to R-R to allow for an additional home.

•Commissioners approved a request by Paula Rodriguez, representing her mother Edna Hughes, to rezone her .58-acre property on Rogers Mill Road from R-3 to R-1 to combine with her adjoining property.

•The board approved a request by Colt Holman to rezone his 2.73-acre parcel at Hwy. 98 West and Crawford W. Long Street from A-2 to B. There is a garage on the property that is grandfathered in. Holman plans to add his construction business to the property.

Also Monday, the board named District 5 commissioner Derek Doster as the BOC vice-chairman for 2021. The vice-chairman oversees BOC meetings when the chairman is unavailable. The board agreed oversee administrative requirements for the county industrial authority in seeking a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to connect the Mize Road water line, which is served to the City of Commerce system to the Madison County water system. The IDA will handle any fees associated with the process.

County commission chairman John Scarborough opened the meeting by noting that it was Pearl Harbor Day.

“For all the stuff we see happening, it’s still important to remember there are some things worth fighting for and to pay tribute to those who made that sacrifice,” he said.


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