Madison County commissioners are seeking a replacement for county board of assessors member Lynn Hix, who will be stepping down from the board at the end of the year.

Commissioner Lee Allen encouraged citizens to let officials know if they are interested in applying for the position — or any openings on county boards.

“I just want people to know it’s available,” said Allen. “Service isn’t always easy, but it is appreciated.”

Anyone interested in serving on the BOA or other positions when they become available can contact their local commissioner or email county clerk Rhonda Wooten at


In other matters, the board discussed proposed qualifying fees for local offices up for election in 2020. Allen said he doesn’t like qualifying fees, saying he doesn’t want fees to keep anyone from getting involved.

“I would like for all of these to say $0,” he said of proposed fees.

County attorney Mike Pruett said state law wouldn’t permit the elimination of qualifying fees.

Allen also said he would like to see all qualifying fees go towards the county’s election expenses. Half of the fees go to the county for elections costs, while half go to the party with whom the candidate qualified.

Proposed qualifying fees for next year’s budget will be considered at the group’s Nov. 25 business meeting.

Those fees are as follows:

•Sheriff: $1,943.28

•BOC chairman: $1,943.28

•Clerk of Superior Court: $1,591.05

•Tax commissioner: $1,591.05

•Probate Court judge: $1,591.05

•Coroner: $351.81

•BOC commissioners, Districts 1 and 2: $216

•Board of education: $94.62


In other business, the board briefly discussed pay for the road department and the recreation department seasonal workers. This will be discussed further at the Nov. 25 business meeting. Board members discussed needing to have set pay scale increases for road department workers who get certifications, such as a commercial driver’s license.


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