Madison County BOC

Madison County commissioners met Dec. 2. Pictured (L-R) are county clerk Rhonda Wooten, Lee Allen, Tripp Strickland, county attorney Mike Pruett, chairman John Scarborough, Theresa Bettis, Brian Kirk and Derek Doster.

Madison County commissioners set aside $320,000 in the 2020 county budget to address employee pay.

They’ll talk about how they will distribute that at their upcoming Dec. 16 meeting at 6 p.m. in the county government complex.

The group briefly discussed the matter Monday, Dec. 2 during their monthly agenda-setting meeting. County commission John Scarborough said that a three-percent cost-of-living-salary increase is being considered for all full-time and regularly scheduled part-time employees. If approved, those across-the-board pay raises would leave about $110,000-to-$120,000 out of the $320,000 for individual pay increases for employees in multiple departments. The board didn’t discuss any particular jobs at Monday’s meeting.

Tax commissioner Lamar Dalton and probate judge Cody Cross both approached the board Monday in support of the cost-of-living raises, noting that the county has a lot of good workers. They also asked for consideration of increases for employees in their departments.

The board will consider several other matters Dec. 16, including the re-appointment of Conolus Scott and Terry Chandler to the planning commission, the renewal of beer and wine licenses for several county businesses and the selection of a BOC vice chairman.

Also Monday, the board discussed the recent fatal accidents on Hwy. 72 and agreed to ask the state to do something about improving safety on the state highway. Scarborough said several intersections in the county need attention in terms of safety. Commissioner Derek Doster said he would like to see crash data for dangerous intersections.

In another matter, Doster said he has been receiving a lot of input from citizens upset about the new biomass power plant in Colbert. He said county officials need to reach out to state and federal officials to educate themselves on the matter as much as possible. Scarborough reminded board members that a citizens group has scheduled a meeting for Dec. 5 at the high school cafeteria to hear from local scientists about the power plant issue. The chairman said that the plant is also in the process of getting equipment to help reduce the loud noise that comes from the facility.

In a separate matter, county officials have been trying to determine how to store new elections equipment, which will take up more space than previous equipment. Scarborough said the new equipment can be housed in a room at the sheriff’s office. Board of elections chairperson Tracy Dean has said she intends to keep the elections equipment at the elections office. She has noted that this is a decision of the board of elections, not the BOC.

Commissioner Brian Kirk said he would like for the BOC to draft a proclamation praising the high school for recent accomplishments, including the football team’s quarterfinal run in the Class AAAA playoffs.

Commissioner Lee Allen said he was saddened by the recent passing of state representative Jay Powell at a legislative retreat. (Madison County is represented by Alan Powell and Tom McCall in the House of representatives and Frank Ginn in the Georgia Senate.) Allen said Jay Powell was “one of the good guys” who did a lot to help the state.


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