Bus shop

Madison County's current bus shop was built in 1956.

Madison County schools will have a new transportation hub.

The county school board recently agreed to allocate $1,843,000 in sales tax funds and $154,360 in car tag (Title Ad Valorem Tax — TAVT) funds for the construction of a new bus shop in Danielsville behind the school board office, replacing the current one constructed in 1956.

There’s no set timeframe for when the shop will be completed, but it won’t happen before school starts back. Superintendent Michael Williams said the project will be handled by low-bidder, Charles Black Construction.

“They (Charles Black Construction) have been really good partners and when something is not quite right, they have been good to make it right or to correct things,” said Williams.

The superintendent said the school board chose a design that is “not the Taj Mahal” of bus shops, “not the penthouse” but said an upgrade is “much needed without a doubt.”

The current shop is a two-bay building, where two buses can be worked on at once. The new shop will be a three-bay structure, with lift equipment to raise the buses for maintenance, instead of a pit, like the current one, where bus mechanics work from beneath floor level.

“It (the upgrade) includes another fueling station too,” said Williams. “There’s only one fueling place down there. With the number of buses we have, they’re sometimes lined up from the bus shop out to the high school waiting in line in the mornings to fill up after their route.”


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