Briar’s Landing, the first public canoe launch in the northern section of the Broad River, just got closer to completion with a recent land purchase and a $5,000 matching grant. On Tuesday, Nov. 24, the Broad River Watershed Association (BRWA) purchased 1.83 acres adjacent to the Hwy. 72 bridge on the Broad River with funds from a $35,000 grant from the Riverview Foundation. The site was deeded to Madison County for a public canoe launch and river access area on the Broad River near the intersection of Madison, Elbert, and Oglethorpe Counties. Madison County will retain ownership of the land and the boat launch to be built at the site. BRWA is working with local governments, businesses, and volunteers to design and build the canoe launch for the public.

Area residents and businesses have been very supportive of Briar’s Landing, donating close to $20,000 in cash, labor and material for the estimated $65,000 cost of the total project. An additional $10,000 is still needed, but in late November, BRWA leaders said they got some very good news that may produce the needed funds and allow construction to begin in early 2016.

According to Tom Krobot, chairman of the Briar’s Landing fundraising committee, BRWA has received an anonymous pledge of up to $5,000 to match, dollar for dollar, all new donations to the project received by Dec. 31, 2015. If enough donors come forward, BRWA will have the $10,000 needed to cover the anticipated costs of the new canoe launch at Briar’s Landing.

The launch will provide parking and safe public access to the Broad River for residents of Madison, Elbert, Oglethorpe, and Clarke Counties and attract visitors wanting to float this section of the 70 mile long Broad River Water Trail, the water equivalent of a hiking trail along the Broad River from Franklin County to Lincoln County.

Charitable donations to BRWA’s Briar’s Landing project can be made online via PayPal at, from BRWA’s website, or sent via mail to: Briar’s Landing, c/o Broad River Watershed Association, P. O. Box 661, Danielsville, GA 30633

Questions about the facility or arrangements for corporate sponsorships or material donations can be directed to: Tom Krobot at or 706-795-5471 (h) 678-662-2170 (c).

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