Conolus Scott

Conolus Scott

Madison County candidates for local office were recently sent three questions from The Madison County Journal.

Here are responses from Conolus Scott, a Democratic candidate for the District 2 seat at the county commission table:

1. Why are you the best choice for the position?

I believe that my age, experience, dedication, knowledge, common-sense approach to problem solving, and my belief that representation of all citizens is a top priority as we move our county in to the 21st century makes me the best choice for the position of Commissioner. I will preserve our rural character while improving our business infrastructure by adhering to our land use plan. I will promote employment for youth and the unemployed. I will work with my fellow commissioners to establish business licensing so that our citizens can have confidence that businesses won’t threaten our health and safety. I am a person that seeks and accepts advice, and takes full responsibility for my actions and their outcomes. The choice is clear. Elect someone who has always stood for the citizens and now wants to serve in an official capacity to represent them.

2. The situation with Covid-19 has affected all of us in some way. How has it affected you, and do you have any words you can offer to the citizens of Madison County regarding our shared situation and how you will address this if elected?

The current Covid-19 situation we are facing is something that our generation has not experienced before and hopefully will not experience again. I have gained a new insight on how much we take life for granted as we go about our daily activities. I encourage all citizens to take this time in your life to reassess your preparedness for the surprises that you may face. If elected to the board of commissioners, I will ask for a review of the emergency preparedness plan for our county, so that we will be better prepared for these types of challenges in the future.

3. Outside of Covid-19 what do you see as the top three challenges you will face if elected and how will you address these issues for Madison County citizens?

As a commissioner there are many challenges that I will face daily, but the top three on my list would be:

•Representation of all citizens in a fair and honest way, with transparency and openness. This includes all citizens, whether they are in my district or anywhere within Madison County. I will accomplish this by holding “town hall” meetings in my district, where all citizens will be invited to give me advice and allow me to listen to concerns in an informal way. Then I will bring these concerns to the full Commission for action.

•Infrastructure improvements are a necessity for our growth. We must increase water availability and sewage treatment if we want to attract future business. I will ask our Industrial Development Authority to work with our cities to establish a county-wide plan of action to solve the current problems. I will ask our Commission to to fund an appropriate plan with a portion of SPLOST funds dedicated to this purpose.

•One of our biggest challenges is the need for more diverse sources of revenue to shore up our tax base. We need to attract businesses that do not threaten the health and safety of our citizens. We need to emphasize agribusiness and work with the Industrial Development Authority, the Chamber of Commerce, business leaders, Mayors, Board of Education and others in a joint effort so that we can entice businesses to locate in Madison County.

For more information about my plans for Madison County, visit my website:


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Virginia Moss

No generalizations and flowery language here, just straightforward and specific visions for Madison County. I like this. Conolus Scott seems like a get-things-done kind of a person. I'm an independent voter; party matters not to me; I vote for the person. All the candidates call themselves Republican except this one, whether they are independents (like Scarborough) or even a Democrat. Conolus Scott is courageous enough to be true to his Democratic values. I just want someone who is not bound by divisive politics. I believe local elections should be non-partisan.

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