New Danielsville council member

Mayor Todd Higdon swore in new council member Steve Russum (L) at the Nov. 11 council meeting. Russum qualified, with no competition, to fill former city councilman Michael Wideman’s remaining term. Widemen resigned from the council to qualify for the mayor’s position.

Christmas in Danielsville will be held in Madison County Memorial Park on Saturday, Dec. 14, from 2 to 4 p.m., according to Police Chief Jonathan Burnette.

The event will include a tree lighting, pictures with Santa, a visit from Sparky the Fire Dog, Christmas music, train rides for children and other activities. Food will be provided by Danielsville Fire Department members. The event is free and open to the community, Burnette said. A rain date is set for Sunday, Dec. 15.

In other business, Danielsville has almost completed the latest sewer pond upgrades.

Mayor Todd Higdon told the council Monday, Nov. 11 that the aeration project at the sewer pond should be done before Thanksgiving. In response to a question from Mayor-Elect Michael Wideman, Higdon said the city has not heard anything back from the county board of commissioners and board of education on obtaining assistance with future sewer system upgrades.

Higdon said they are aware the city is needing some information by Jan. 1.

“I assume they will talk about it by the end of the month,” he said.

City Clerk Susan Payne told the council that the city’s 2019 budget is tracking on target as of Oct. 31.

The city has ordered new cemetery signs for Danielsville Memorial Gardens at a cost of $1,586. Higdon said the signs should be on the way.

The council voted to have Danielsville’s three voting machines picked up with the county’s voting machines for destruction. Payne said the city was informed that the voting machines would be obsolete Jan. 1 as the state adopts a new voting system with a backup paper trail.

The council also agreed to provide employee bonuses just before Thanksgiving.

Also Monday night, Chief Burnette said he will begin accepting applications for a full-time police officer, though the officer will likely not start work until after Jan. 1 when Mayor Wideman’s term begins.

Burnette said he feels having a longer time period to solicit applications will give the department more time to find the right person for the job. The city currently has only two police officers since a recent resignation.

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