The Comer Police Department will now take aim at its own targets. The department plans to open a firing range on 1088 Madison Street near the city sewage pond.

Comer police chief Brent Zellner said the Comer range would be mainly a pistol range but not exclusively.

“We might shoot shotguns down there every now and then,” he said. “But it’s basically a qualification range, maybe teaching a little bit.”

The range will be large enough for four officers to shoot at once at state qualification targets.

Part of the reason the Comer Police Department opened the range is that it now has its own firearms instructor.

“Hopefully, we can get us some in-house training now since we got our firearms instructor and save the city a little money,” Zellner said.

Zellner said he wasn’t sure when the range would be ready, but said some brush has already been cleared for the spot.

Comer officers previously used the sheriff’s office firing range for target practice.

Zellner said Comer’s firing range would be almost identical to the county’s current firing range, which is located on Colbert-Danielsville Road. The sheriff’s office will soon move to a new firing range near the county jail.

The Comer Police Department selected a spot near the city’s sewage pond, away from the populated areas, to reduce noise problems.

“We did it down there because it’s kind of toward the outside of the city,” Zellner said.

The Comer City Council had to amend an ordinance at its Monday night meeting to allow Comer police officers to fire weapons within the city limits before the department could move forward with the firing range.

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