The Madison County Board of Commissioners will meet at 6 p.m., Monday, Jan. 6 in the county government complex.

Agenda items include:

•Chairman’s report

•Hearing and actions on zoning matters

•Paul Metz is requesting a conditional use for an event venue on his 20-acre parcel, zoned A-1. The property is located on Map 98 Parcel 33-01 at the corner of Russell Road and Cooper Road in District 4.

•Chris Jones is representing Calwood Properties. They are requesting to rezone their 1.53-acre parcel from B to R-1. The property is located on Hwy. 72 East, Comer, in District 4.

•Zoning ordinance amendments if needed.

•Statements and remarks from citizens on an agenda item

•Consider an additional homestead exemption for senior citizens

•Discuss filling a vacant position on the planning and zoning commission

•Discuss a $1,500 salary increase for the administrative assistant position at the county extension office

•Consider creating a $5,000 education and training line-item in facility 01.

•Roads update

•Urgent matters

•Closed session to discuss land acquisition, personnel matters and/or potential litigation (if needed)


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Virginia Moss

If our commissioners are considering a property tax break across the board for senior citizens, why should wealthy senior citizens get a tax break? They don't need it and our county desperately needs all the revenues it can get, especially if Georgia Renewable Power tanks.

The current tax break for seniors is merely pocket change, but something is better than nothing for those of us struggling. I'd like to think there is a better way to fund government services than property taxes which can ultimately cause people to lose their long-time homes and farms (their very livelihoods) during a downturn or temporary financial set-back. That's just wrong.

If they want to help senior citizens, base it on need, not across the board! Or just slightly increase the current break for seniors. It makes more sense to me to tax people according to their income, not their homes and property, or maybe a combination of the two.

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