Danielsville leaders agreed to upgrade the city’s water meter reading software and hardware at their regular business meeting Monday night.

The software expenditure will cost $5,475, according to city clerk Susan Payne, which includes a $4,000 saving off the normal price and a free upgrade option for next year.

Also Monday night, the council met new public works supervisor Craig Knight, who began work with the city that day. Knight’s was hired at an annual salary of $41,600.

In other business, the council also voted to approve an amendment to the city’s animal ordinance and flood damage ordinance.

And following a public hearing which was held just prior to the regular meeting, the council approved the millage rate, which will remain the same as last year at 4.50 percent. They also approved a conditional use permit for Marc Perry, who wants to use a commercial property on Sam Groves Street (old Teen Matters office) as a single-use residential rental property.

The city was required to hold three public hearings on the millage rate, even though the city had no plan to raise the rates. The hearings were required since property taxes will still increase due to county-wide property evaluations being up. Danielsville’s taxes are expected to increase eight percent, which will be about $91,259, according to Payne.

In other business, the council heard from Police Chief Cleve Williams that he had obtained a Walmart grant, but that the grant amount was only $500, not enough to purchase a digital sign for city hall as planned. Williams said he plans to apply for other grants, including one offered by State Farm, which begins accepting applications on Oct. 1.

The council also agreed that the clerk can seek a part-time administrative assistant employee for city hall. Payne said a couple of work-based learning high school students have not worked out due to Covid-19 quarantines with the school system.

The council heard that work on sidewalk repair has not begun yet. They also heard that speed bumps the city purchased are being installed on Edgewood Drive in an attempt to slow traffic coming off of Hwy. 98.

They also agreed to obtain two more quotes for upgrades to two sewer system lift stations. One quote has been obtained from Brian Crumley. Three quotes are required in order to be able to use the sewer system USDA loan funds that the city recently obtained.

Mayor Michael Wideman said he’d like to provide as much to work to county contractors as possible.


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