Danielsville sewer pond

The county seat may be able to double its sewage capacity thanks to a federal loan and grant.

An Oct. 27 press release from the United States Department of Agriculture stated

that the City of Danielsville has received a major loan and grant for its sewer services through the Water and Waste Disposal Loan and Grant Program.

“In Georgia as part of today’s announcement, a $3,186,000 loan and $2,677,000 grant will be used to upgrade and expand the sewer system for the city of Danielsville,” the USDA stated. “Average daily flow will be increased to provide capacity for additional customers and address treatment deficiencies.”

This is part of the Trump Administrations $891 million investment to modernize rural drinking water and wastewater infrastructure in 43 states.

Danielsville Mayor Michael Wideman said the funds will be a huge boost to the town.

“It’s going to be a great thing and will hopefully help us double the capacity of the sewage pond so we’re skating the line with the Environmental Protection Division,” he said.

The city sewage pond behind Madison County High School has long been a headache for city officials, who note that it’s near capacity and that business growth in the town is hampered by the town’s limited ability to handle sewage. Wideman said that with the upgrades that “if an Ingles moved in, we’d be able to handle that.”

The upgrades will also help the town provide sewage services to Sherwood Subdivision with no hook up fees for the residents.

Another plus will be an automated sewage system that allows officials to monitor what’s happening at the pond without having to do hand-written assessments.

Wideman said there’s not an established timetable for the upgrades. He said there’s still engineering work to be done and that the project will be handled in segments.


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