Jamie Dixon

Jamie Dixon

Madison County has hired a new high school principal.

Jamie Dixon, the former principal at East Jackson High School and principal at Colquitt County High School for the past three years, will replace principal George Bullock, who is taking the position of secondary curriculum/FTE coordinator in the school system’s central office.

“After an extensive interview process and reviewing a quality applicant pool, Mr. Dixon was the number-one candidate,” said Madison County School Superintendent Michael Williams. “He is an experienced principal that has great recommendations, works well with the faculty and staff, and puts students at the forefront. He is energetic and will come to Madison County High School and build on the student success already established. He will finish his contractual obligations in Colquitt and begin working at Madison County in June.”

Dixon said he’s excited to serve as the new MCHS principal.

“I knew about Madison County schools and was just up the street (at East Jackson),” said Dixon. “I knew about their operations and that they did things well. So when this job became available, it was a chance for us to come home, number one, and number two, work in a fantastic school system that will allow us to spread our wings, so to speak.”

Dixon has served as a principal for the past eight years, five at East Jackson and three at Colquitt County, but he didn’t begin his career in education. The North Georgia College graduate served for six years in the Marine Corps, then worked at the Fulton County Police Department and Fire Department, working as an officer and a field trainer.

“And then, at 38 years of age, I decided I wanted to do something a little different,” said Dixon, who began working for Fulton County schools, with his first six months as a school resource officer, then subsequently as an educator, athletic director and assistant principal. “I’m kind of all over the spectrum in regards to my service to the community and I look forward to bringing all those characteristics.”

Dixon said his leadership style has been refined over the years, but he said it’s rooted in his early years.

“That was developed by my mom and dad who preached responsibility and accountability and then was completely refined by the United States Marine Corps,” he said. “Long story short, I bring a bunch of different experiences to the table, and I call on those experiences all the time and I love building relationships with kids and I try to help them with my own personal experience. I love to go to classrooms. I love to see kids and talk about things.”

Dixon said “job number one is serving the students and helping them realize their dreams, whatever they may be.”

“Philosophically speaking, I embrace every avenue that leads to graduation,” he said. “We’re going to promote everything from AP programs to CTAE programs. We’re going to reestablish our relationship with Kubota Tractors and things of that nature for kids in the welding program. We’re going to be an economic advantage to the county and to our kids, because we’re going to serve their interests specifically from an individual basis. Who wants to go to UGA? Who wants to go to MIT? Who wants to go wherever? We’re going to facilitate that and give them every opportunity to live that dream.”

The new principal said helping students get employment right out of high school, if that’s their preference, is something he can help make happen.

“If you want to go to work right out of high school, the job market is booming, particularly for skilled labor,” he said. “We’re going to address that and make sure those opportunities are there. I have very specific insight with that. We did a really good job with that at East Jackson and I continue to do that down here. Long story short, we just want to serve every kid in an individualized way so they can live their dream.”

Dixon and his wife, Teri, who will work as a special education elementary school teacher, have three grown children and two grandchildren, ages 4 and 2 months. Outside of work, Dixon enjoys hunting, fishing and golf.

The county school board approved Dixon as the new high school principal April 29. The board also took the following personnel actions:

•Central office: hire Jermica Wynn to replace Cathy Gruetter as assistant special ed director, effective July 12.

•Danielsville Elementary: Susan Childers, leave without pay, speech, intermittent through May 21; Laura Maxey, hire/internal as After School director, effective Aug. 6.

•Early Learning Center: internal/replace C. Seagraves, teacher to parapro, effective Aug. 4; Lori Strickland, hire Lori Strickland to replace A. Clarke as PreK special needs coordinator, effective July 26.

•Hull-Sanford Elementary: (actions all effective Aug. 2) Misty Coley, hire to replace A. Jarrett, special ed teacher; hire Elizabeth Dove to replace E. Coberly, special ed paraprofessional, Molly Greene, transfer from Ila, ESOL teacher — part time; Andrea Jarrett, internal/replace C. Knight as special ed teacher; hire Brandi Jones to replace B. Cobb as a paraprofessional; hire Rebecca Klimek to a new teaching position; hire Chris McCoy to a new teaching position.

•Ila Elementary: Heather Hanley, added duties, Summer Literacy Program, June-July; Tonya Hill, added duties, Summer Literacy Program, June-July; hire Kaylee Partin to replace C. Sapp as a special ed teacher, effective Aug. 2; Debra Steed, added duties, Summer Literacy Program, June-July; Amber Thomason, leave without pay, paraprofessional, intermittent through May 24.

•Madison County High School: (all effective Aug. 2) Jennie Dyer, transfer/replace B. Howard, teacher/civics; hire Klinton Gayton to replace Ken Morgan, PE/assistant football; hire Katherine McNutt to replace M. Allen as a school counselor; hire Col. Robert Stuart for a new position as SR. instructor; hire Filipe Pedraza to replace K. Blevins as an agriculture teacher (effective July 1).

•Madison County Middle School: Chad DeWolf, transfer/replace J. Whitmire as an eighth grade social studies teacher, effective Aug. 2; Jacob Whitmire, transfer/replace J. Baker, seventh grade social studies teacher (effective Aug. 2)

•Information: Justin Baker, release request from MCMS as a seventh-grade social studies teacher; Brittany Cobb, resignation as a paraprofessional at Hull-Sanford, effective May 28; Elizabeth Coberly, resignation as a paraprofessional at Hull-Sanford, effective May 26; Gatha Bridges, resignation as a full-time special-ed bus driver, effective May 26; Angela Dean, release request as an English language arts teacher at the high school; Robin Epps, release request as a Pre-K teacher at the ELC; Fred Hall, retiring as a full-time special-ed bus driver, effective May 25; Sonia Hibbitt, resignation as a food assistant at Ila Elementary, effective April 23; Nick Ladd, resignation as a para/teacher at Madison County Middle School at the end of 2020/2021; Keenan Lord, resignation as a paraprofessional at Comer Elementary at the end of 2020/2021; Christy Sapp, release request as a special-ed teacher at Ila Elementary.


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