Discipline data is collected on all Georgia schools by the state Department of Education and the DOE recently released 2018-19 numbers on each system, including Madison County.

County school superintendent Michael Williams said school staff and teachers work hard to make sure county schools are well-disciplined.

"We are always concerned about the number of discipline incidents at each school and will continue to look for ways to decrease those numbers,” he said.

Here is DOE data on Madison County High School and Madison County Middle School:

MCHS — incidents

4 academic dishonesty

2 alcohol

13 battery

1 bullying

1 computer trespass

29 drugs not alcohol

35 fighting

1 gang related

7 larcency - theft

3 sexual harassment

12 sex offenses

9 threats - intimidation

90 tobacco

2 vandalism

3 weapon - knife

91 other attendance related

1 other dress code

3 other possession of unapproved item

165 other student incivility

42 other discipline incident

MCHS — discipline

311 in-school suspension

57 other discipline action

146 out-of-school suspension

36 assigned to alternative school

21 bus suspension — 10 days or fewer

3 bus suspension — over 10 days

MCMS — incidents

1 academic dishonesty

1 alcohol

1 arson

11 battery

2 bullying

8 disorderly conduct

2 drugs not alcohol

60 fighting

4 gang related

10 larceny-theft

17 sexual harassment

19 sex offenses

14 threat-intimidation

28 tobacco

4 vandalism

5 weapon-knife

2 weapon-other

36 other attendance related

2 other dress code

3 other possession of unapproved item

503 other student incivility

85 other discipline incident

82 repeated offenses

MCMS — discipline

651 in-school suspension

332 other discipline action

183 out-of school suspension

4 juvenile court referral

19 assigned to alternative school

75 bus suspension — 10 days or fewer

2 bus suspension — 10 days or more

2 non-permanent expulsion

2 physical restraint


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