Ross Harvin

•Please summarize your background and why you are the best choice for the position?

I’m Ross Harvin. I am a Christian, father to four amazing kids, a husband, Marine, small businessman, and a proud American. Since the age of 17, I have felt called to serve my community. It’s what led me to join the United States Marine Corps. Currently, I am Gunnery Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves and have served as an Infantryman for 17 years and am a Veteran of the War in Afghanistan. Being a Marine has been one of the greatest honors of my life. Serving overseas, you gain a whole new perspective of just how great our country is. This same sense of service and appreciation for our country and this state is what is driving me to run for state senate.

Our battles are no longer in faraway places like Afghanistan, they are here at home, in our schools, our churches, our businesses, and even our very hearts and minds. Now is not the time to keep sending career politicians down to Atlanta and expect to get anything different. It’s time for a new generation of conservative leaders to rise and take the fight to the left – fighters who will truly stand to preserve our shared values.

I am not a polished career politician. I am a father to four kids, and I want to make sure they will be able to live in the Georgia and the America that I experienced. A place of hope, prosperity, freedom and traditional American values. I no longer have faith that many of those elected will stand and fight for the country we know and love – the country I fought for. We need a bold conservative fighter with the courage to fight and win for our future. That’s why I am running. I have never backed down from a fight. I never will.

•Please describe two legislative acts you will push for if elected to serve in the 2023 Georgia General Assembly?

I think first and foremost our district and the state needs a state senator who will go to the Capitol to represent the interests of their constituents at home, not the special interests. For far too long our district has had a state senator who has turned a blind eye to the people who elected him and instead chose to fight for the special interest groups and his own best interests. Throughout my campaign I have been honored to spend 100s of hours meeting voters at their doors hearing what they expect and want from their leaders. The voters can trust me to be an unwavering voice for them in Atlanta. I want to fight for the good people of Barrow, Clarke, Jackson and Madison County in the state senate, no one else.

A very important piece of legislation that I would like to work on was introduced last session by two members of the Madison County House Delegation is HB1359. This legislation deals with chain of custody documentation and procedures for ballots. I believe this bill is vital to election integrity and protecting your vote. We must do everything possible to restore faith in the ballot box.

As a land surveyor who has surveyed in all of Georgia’s 159 counties, we continue to find that the land records that were meticulously maintained by the generations before us have not been handled with intent to preserve them. We are 22 years into a new century. I think it is time we bring these records into the new century also. The damage we face as a society if these records are not properly preserved and readily available in digital format, would be detrimental to the taxpayers of Georgia.

•Please speak about your value system. What is important to you, and what will you do as a legislator to uphold those values?

Semper Fi, or “always faithful,” is not just my motto as a United States Marine. It’s a way of life for me as a husband, a father and a Christian. It will be the same as your state senator. Our culture has cheapened the value of faithfulness, but I will never waver from our conservative values in the state senate. You can count on me to remain faithful, always. I will fight tirelessly to keep this community, and our state, the same place of freedom and opportunity for future generations that I was fortunate enough to grow up in.

•What are your biggest concerns for Madison County, and what will you do to help the county navigate its challenges?

Madison County needs to be prepared for the growth that is coming and balancing that with the very successful agricultural community. We have already seen the board of commissioners take the lead on this matter with the comprehensive land use plan that is being developed, and I believe my role should be as an advocate for the county and its municipalities. This district is growing rapidly and needs to become a leader in the state. We will not be able to do that by just going along with the flow. Madison County has had the opportunity to secure grant funds in the past and it has not materialized, as your next state senator I will work with any legislators, commissioners, mayors or councils to always strive for what is best for Madison County. No one individual knows what is best for Madison County and it will take a team effort, and that is a team I would be honored to be on.


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