Foothills is still standing. That’s one of the big, local takeaways from the 2023 Georgia legislative session. Students who attend the evening high school on the Madison County High School campus shouldn’t see much change in the services they receive.

Foothills Education Charter High School has been touted by local educators for years for reducing the teen dropout rate and providing youth with an alternative environment to traditional high school, where students can work at their own pace toward a high school diploma while developing job skills.


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Virginia Moss

So, Foothills accepts having their support cut in half in order to avoid getting nothing at all. It's such a needed program, doing the job our public schools has failed to do. I'd like to see more of the Foothills model incorporated into public schools. Looking back on my own experience in public schools, I'd have much preferred to learn the way they do it at Foothills. It seems in the state of Georgia that education is not a priority; often the very first thing that gets cut is education. No wonder we lag behind the rest of the nation in educational achievement.

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