Danielsville’s mayor and council set up a “name clearing” hearing at the beginning of the June 13 regular council meeting for the three employees they fired last month, but the hearing was cancelled because none of them attended.

City attorney Dale Perry said he sent certified letters about the scheduled hearing to former city clerk Connie Riley, former police chief Rodney Christian and maintenance supervisor Scott Anglin. “Let the record show it’s 7:07 p.m. and none of them are here,” he said.

Also June 13, council members expressed their gratitude to their remaining employees, their temporary staff and new employees. Councilman Ron Faust said he wanted to thank the employees for “doing what it takes” to get the city back on its feet following the recent firings and resignations.

The council also gave maintenance worker Daniel Turk a $2 an hour increase in pay following a closed session for his employee review.

Mayor Philip Croya thanked Comer police chief Brent Zellner and officer Cliff Moody for agreeing to serve as temporary police officers for Danielsville.

Croya said that citizens seem to like the new setup, which he said has given Danielsville coverage seven days a week, including nights and weekend coverage.

Croya added that he wants the council to discuss hiring a new full-time police chief at the work session later this month.


In another matter, the council voted to renew its property and liability insurance contract with GIRMA (Georgia Interlocal Risk Management Agency) at an annual cost of $23,955. The council instructed the administrative staff to pay one-half the premium now and the other half in 30 days.

Councilwoman Junne Temple told the council that she cancelled an order with Pontem Company for cemetery management software.

The council also discussed the purchase, or lease, of a new copier for City Hall, but agreed to get more prices before making a decision. Temple said Graham Office Products has provided the office with a loaner for the time being, and instructed city clerk Suzanne Ferguson to inquire about paying a rental fee for its continued use.

The administrative staff was also instructed to obtain a list of streetlights the city is being billed for by Georgia Power Company.

The council tabled or took no action on a number of other items on Monday’s agenda, including a budget resolution, the spending policy, the first draft of the city code, a flexible benefit plan, and the purchase of a safe for City Hall.

Mayor Croya said he had a “real need for a safe right now.”

“I have some stuff I need to lock up,” Croya said. The council agreed to discuss the matter again at its monthly work session.

Finally, the council agreed that it may need to set up a special called meeting to consider the issue of a variance for The Medicine Shoppe pharmacy. Temple said business owner George Elrod asked about a variance three months ago, and that the request had not been taken care of as she had thought, so if possible, she would like to get the matter settled within the month.

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