The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) has recently began sending information on confirmed positive cases to the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) who then forwards that information to county 911 centers, something county officials have requested since coronavirus mitigation measures began in the United States in mid-March.

911 director Captain Brenan Baird said since that process began April 18 that they have received confirmation of 10 cases. He also said he has received some positive cases (six) that are not from Madison County and that other counties have received inaccurate information also.

Baird said no new confirmed cases have been reported to the county since Thursday, May 14, including the new positives at the nursing home on Monday.

He said 911 calls for COVID-19 related concerns have come down to about three-to-four per week, with most of those coming from the nursing home.

He noted that while the DPH list is certainly not accurate, it has been a bit helpful as a reference.

Overall 911 calls are almost identical in volume to the same time period in May last year, Baird said. Law enforcement calls are down from last year (May 1 to May 17) from 1,600 to 1,350 this year, while fire calls were up from 23 in 2019 to 40 for this year. Emergency medical services (EMS) calls stood at 199, almost the same as last year, when calls for the first half of May stood at 192.


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