Todd Higdon

Todd Higdon was elected Tuesday as the new chairman of the Madison County Board of Commissioners.

He defeated incumbent John Scarborough in the Republican runoff 2,849 (61.2 percent) to 1,806 (38.8 percent). There is no Democratic opposition in November. Higdon will take office in January.

“I’m very humbled by everyone coming out and supporting us today,” said Higdon. “I feel like my message of unity, communication and better transparency resonated throughout the county.”

Higdon, who served two terms as mayor of Danielsville, said city residents can now feel like they’re part of the county.

“Because we’re going to include them,” he said. “The whole goal is to get everyone on the same page.”

Also Tuesday, Terry Chandler edged Grant Gillespie for the Republican nomination for the BOC District 2 seat, 561 (51.8 percent) to 523 (48.2 percent). Chandler will now face Democrat Conolus Scott in the Nov. 3 general election.

In the Republican State House District 33 runoff, Rob Leverett won the district with 3,546 (52.1 percent) to 3,260 (47.9 percent) for Tripp Strickland, who carried Madison County with 2,268 (65.6 percent) to 1,189 (34.4 percent) for Leverett. Leverett will now face Democrat Kerry Dornell Hamm in November.

In the U.S. House District 9 Republican runoff, Andrew Clyde defeated Matt Gurtler, 47,235 (56 percent) to 37,088 (44 percent). Clyde was also favored by county voters over Matt Gurtler, 3,128 (67.4 percent) to 1,512 (32.6 percent).

Clyde will face Democrat Devin Pandy on Nov. 3. Pandy, who was favored in Madison County, 270 (62.9 percent) to 159 (37.1 percent) for Brooke Siskin. Pandy won the district 7,661 (68.4 percent) to 3,543 (31.6 percent) as of 9:30 p.m.


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