Hull leaders have their 2010 spending plan in place, approving a $63,246 budget Dec. 21 in the city council’s final meeting of 2009. The city’s largest line item is for fire department insurance ($11,300).

The city also authorized mayor Paul Elkins to sign an agreement to begin the city’s two-year audit process. The audit is due June 30 and will cost the city $8,150. Hull has hired Hawkins and McNair to handle the audit.

In other business, the city will keep its Christmas lights up until Jan. 2. This year Hull has added four caroler fixtures to its Christmas décor collection along Hwy. 72.

“We’ve had a lot of good comments about the four carolers out there,” Elkins said.


Departing councilman Paul Cook made a final push for a sidewalk project along Glenn Carrie Road in Hull at the end of his final meeting.

“Because it’s well-needed, and it’s past due,” Cook said.

Cook, whose term is ending, will be replaced by Paige Phillips who defeated him in a November election for his council seat.

Cook asked for a commitment from mayor Paul Elkins to the sidewalk project.

Elkins told Cook that such a commitment could only come through a vote from the council but said it will certainly be considered if the money is available.

“I see no problem with putting that on the agenda to certainly give a serious consideration as funds become available,” Elkins said.

Cook called his time on the council a “wonderful experience” and used the final moments of the meeting to thank the mayor and council.

“Thank you all for your help, because you’ve helped me a lot through this journey,” Cook said.

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