The longest-serving member of the county industrial authority has resigned, and county commissioners are looking for a replacement.

Madison County Industrial Authority chairman Bruce Azevedo submitted a letter of resignation to county commission chairman John Scarborough Sept. 30. He cited organizational changes as the reason for his departure.

“That’s the single reason I’m not staying,” said Azevedo Tuesday, adding that he is not mad at anyone but the he feels it’s time for him to move on after more than 16 years at the IDA table.

The IDA has spoken recently in meetings about job duties for employees, including new executive director Frank Ginn. Azevedo favored having Ginn focus on industrial development for the county, not in the day-to-day operations of the county water services.

“The year long discussion on the organizational structure has been a struggle for all of us,” wrote Azevedo. “It is now clear that a single head of the IDA&BA is preferred by the majority. From past experience, I believe that the BODs (board of directors) have become more educated in their duties and stronger because the water manager is reporting directly to the board. I cannot agree or work with the alternative. I believe you will find this troublesome. There can only be one person operating and running the water system.”

The outgoing chairman said the IDA was hamstrung for years by water line debts, but he said recent refinancing helped bring in cash flow for the group to tackle new projects. He said he feels the authority, which serves as the county’s water department, needs to work more on industrial development. Azevedo said there have been good and bad times during his time with the IDA, adding that the industrial authority is improving and the overall outlook is positive.

“2018 is the first year that our finances cash flowed,” he said. “Good times are ahead for our county infrastructure…. I do wish all concerned the very best in their efforts going forwards. Consider this my immediate resignation.”

Azevedo maintains a full plate of civic commitments and he said his resignation will afford him more time elsewhere.

“This will allow me more time for my new position as Chairman of the Savannaha-Upper Ogeechee (SUO) Georgia State Water Council,” he wrote.

County commissioners briefly discussed filling Azevedo’s position Oct. 7. They brought up Marc Perry as a potential replacement, but the group took no action during its agenda-setting meeting. The BOC will talk about the matter again at their monthly business meeting Oct. 28.


County commissioners also discussed filling the Republican vacancy on the three-member county elections board. That group is comprised of board chairperson Tracy Dean, as well as one Republican and one Democratic member. Former state senator and state insurance commissioner Ralph Hudgens has been put forth by the Madison County Republican Party. And commissioners will consider the nomination Oct. 28.


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