Carol Knight

Carole Knight says she is here to help.

The new Madison County Extension Agent for Agricultural and Natural Resources wants to provide local farmers and citizens with whatever resource they need to improve their lives as it relates to agriculture.

“I want people to know that I am here to help them in whatever capacity that might look like, whether that’s just riding around with someone to look at cows with them or we’ve got a serious turf problem going on,” she said. “I’m here and available and it’s really what I’m passionate about and what I enjoy doing.”

The Bulloch County native, who replaces former extension agent Adam Speir, was heavily involved in ag activities at an early age.

“I was involved with youth livestock and really all things 4-H has to offer because my dad was an extension agent,” she said.

Knight and her husband, Kyle, have a son, Beau, 7. The family moved from Bulloch County to Comer before Christmas.

They had a farm at their previous home and remain cattle farmers at their new home. Knight estimated that the family will keep 40-to-45 cattle at their new home compared to about 60 in Bulloch County. She said she hopes to help farmers, adding that she is one of them.

“I want folks to know that I feel like I’m one of them,” said Knight. “I raise cattle, too. We farm on the side. So I do those same kind of day-to-day things that they’re doing. I want to be able to serve as a resource. No, I don’t know everything, but I have learned who to call to find the answers, or I will do my best to find the answers wherever those may fall.”

Knight attended the University of Georgia and received a Master’s degree in animal science. She started her own business providing ultrasounds for cattle producers.

“You ultrasound cattle to take the measurements that they would normally take after the animals are harvested, such as the ribeye area, how much fat, marbling, quality,” she said. “And we were able to do that on live animals. So it was kind of a new technology that was coming out in the early 2000s when I graduated. It was fun, just a lot of road traveling.”

Knight took a beef cattle specialist job in the extension office in Statesboro, then accepted a county position in 2011.

The new extension agent said she is excited about the latest change.

“My husband and I were looking for a new challenge, a new opportunity and something more in my wheelhouse of livestock,” said Knight, noting that Bulloch County farming is heavily row crops. “So that’s what brought us up here. Livestock and pastures and hay is really my forte of what I like to do and where my knowledge base is. Madison County really appealed to me and that’s what really drives agriculture around here in addition to the poultry industry, of course. It was just more emphasis on the things that I like to be involved in.”

Knight said agriculture is important for all, whether a farmer or not. She wants to help highlight the role of agriculture in everyone’s life.

“It’s important for the public to understand where their food is coming from but to also understand the other great things agriculture does as far,” she said. “Agriculture is really good for the environment. Who cares more about the environment than the people gaining their livelihood from it? The stewardship and community it forms around the people involved, the love of land, the love of wildlife, nature and animals, and all the things it encompasses, and how much passion the people involved in it show for what they do.”

To contact Knight, call 706-795-2281 or email


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