Andy Felt

Andy Felt, a long-time Madison County science teacher and site administrator of Foothills Charter High School in Danielsville, faces two charges of unlawful surveillance.

“At this time there is no indication that any students were victims in this case,” read a press release issued Wednesday morning by the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office was notified Oct. 22 of an incident at the Madison County campus of Foothills Academy. According to the press release, “a recording device was discovered in a faculty restroom at the school.”

An investigation was initiated and Felt, 48, Athens, now faces two charges of violating the privacy of another. He turned himself into the sheriff's office Wednesday afternoon.

Felt, who resigned effective Oct. 25, was an acclaimed teacher, who was named countywide “Teacher of the Year” in 2011 and a state finalist for Georgia’s “Teacher of the Year” in 2012.

The sheriff’s office said “Foothills has been cooperative in this investigation.”

Foothills released the following statement: “Madison Foothills Site Director Andy Felt is no longer employed by Foothills Education Charter High School. Foothills does not comment on personnel matters; however, our team is aware of the allegations against Mr. Felt and is fully cooperating with authorities in this ongoing investigation. The Foothills organization remains committed to serving and supporting all staff and students.”

A statement from Madison County School Superintendent Michael Williams echoed the statement from Foothills. He said Felt is no longer employed by the school system, that officials are aware of the allegations against Felt and are cooperating with authorities.

“At this time and to the best of our knowledge, no Madison County school students or staff have been the victim of any misconduct or are otherwise involved in this matter,” said Williams. “The Madison County School System remains committed to serving and supporting all staff and students."

Daniel Crumby, Felt’s attorney, issued the following statement Wednesday:

“Dr. Andrew (“Andy”) Felt announced on Nov. 1, 2019, that he had voluntarily resigned from the Madison County School District and the Foothills Education Charter High School. Today, Dr. Felt voluntarily surrendered to the Madison County Sheriff’s Department to face pending criminal charges. Dr. Felt recognizes the seriousness of the criminal charges, and he appreciates the support that he continues to receive from the community. As an educator, Dr. Felt is thankful for the opportunity he had to teach and shape so many young minds. Dr. Felt is under medical care, and respectfully asks that the community permit him and his family time to deal with the pending criminal case.”

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