The Madison County Board of Education approved the following personnel actions at its November meeting:

Colbert Elementary

•hire Hannah Bordon as a title I teacher

•hire Ashley Fillingim to replace S. Chitwood as a paraprofessional

•hire Casie Tyson to replace C. Bracewell as a special ed teacher

•Added duties for the Cougar Club were approved for Mary Ellen Baker, Kaitlin Berryman, Jennifer Brannon, Brenda Chandler, Samantha Chitwood, Tracey Evans, Jennifer Gibbons, Lisa Hancock, Tara McGaha, Sarah Reynolds, Angela Ruff and Rose Stovall

•Karen Fitzpatrick was approved for Camp Raiders assistant duties

•Lindsey Houser was approved for after school program duties

Comer Elementary

•Darlene Richardson was hired as a long-term special ed parapro to replace B. Bostick

Early Learning Center

•Rachel Bullock was hired as a part-time special ed parapro to replace C. Jennings

Hull-Sanford Elementary

•Stephanie Nash was hired to replace M. Wilson as a bookkeeper

Ila Elementary

•Those hired to the after school program included Rachel Brooks, Mollie Gaddis, Logan Seagraves and Maggie Smith

•Additional duties to extra clubs were approved for Sheila Arp, Kam Bennett, Tami Daniels, Heather Hanley, Jordan Mallory, Kaylee Morris, Erin Segars, Debra Steed and Tara Wood

•Mary Scarborough was hired to replace D. Meacake with the after school program

Madison County Middle School

•Leave without pay for Jan. 3-28 was approved for teacher Brianna Killough

School Nutrition

•Camille Quatro was hired to replace C. Pressley as a food assistant


•Christopher Reeves was hired to replace C. Ford as a full-time bus mechanic


Resignations were approved for:

•Jimmy Bird, full-time bus driver

•Ethel Chatham, Madison County Middle School parapro

•Kay Cleghorne, school nutrition

•Allison Evans, Colbert parapro

•Candice Jennings, ELC part-time special ed parapro

•Tiffany Kincaid, full-time school nutrition

•Devin Meacacke, Ila after school


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