The Madison County Health Department will have COVID-19 vaccines available beginning Jan. 21 by appointment only.

“We just got word yesterday that we’re getting the vaccine,” Elizabeth Allen, registered nurse and Madison County Health Department Manager, said Thursday.

Those eligible include those 65 and older who live or work in the county, as well as health care workers. There has been no word yet from the state on when those 65 and under will be eligible for the shots.

Allen said she will personally administer about 50 shots on Thursday, Jan. 21. She said she is currently the only one on hand to give the shots at the department, but she is seeking more assistance. She plans to give the shots on Tuesdays and expects to be able to give 50-to-100 per week.

Allen said Madison County residents over 65 who are on a waiting list for shots in Athens may want to seek the vaccine in Madison County to avoid a longer wait in Athens.

The health department is currently limited on other services it can offer, such as annual exams and mammograms, during the pandemic as it focuses on COVID-19.

Allen said she plans to be available to vaccinate large groups at specific sites, such as at staff at a school, when the state opens that phase of vaccinations.

To register for a COVID-19 vaccination appointment, call 706-795-2131.


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Virginia Moss

What are the hours of the Madison County Health Department? Where is it located? What is it's web site? So, they are only giving vaccinations on Tuesdays, but the 21st. is on a Thursday. Once a week is not going to be often enough at all. Why haven't they already lined up extra shot-givers ready to go? It's a pretty simple procedure. All they need to know is the administrative part. Why aren't they already fully prepared?

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