Emergency light

A man was reportedly attacked by a pack of dogs last week on Farm Road.

Deputy Gary Floyd was dispatched to the dog bite call on Oct. 15. He met with the victim who said he was doing work at his deceased wife’s home. He told Floyd he got off the bobcat he was operating and started walking toward his home which is located behind this residence when he was attacked by pack of about 10 dogs. Floyd observed clear bite marks on the back of his legs. The man stated he jumped up on a car to get away from them but that the animals dragged him off the car and continued to attack him. He said he finally made it to his house where he grabbed a Ruger AR-15 and shot two of the dogs, causing the pack to scatter. The victim said he has complained to animal control about the wild dogs who no one claims as theirs.

EMS was called to treat the victim who declined to be transported by them. He told Floyd he would drive himself there for further treatment.

Animal control officers came to the scene and confirmed the wild dog pack. The scene was turned over to them for further investigation.

In another incident, Sgt. Jason Gaddy was dispatched to Rogers Mill Road regarding a case of animal cruelty. He spoke with a woman who showed him a dead kitten lying at the foot of her back steps. She said a man she knows had killed her kitten that morning. She said the kitten was a stray that had showed up at her house with several other cats and that she thought it was about four weeks old.

She said that day she believed the man had corned the kitten in the backyard, grabbed it and broke its neck, killing it.

She said she believes he is the one responsible because of a previous incident between this man and her granddaughters.

They were advised to bury the kitten deep enough to prevent other animals from digging it up.

She was advised about obtaining a Temporary Protection Order (TPO) because she said she was afraid of this man. She was also told about the warrant process if she wanted to press charges against the man for killing her kitten.


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