More bunkhouse trailers used at emergency sites around the country can be stored at a property on Lem Edwards Road.

The board of commissioners voted 3-1 to approve requests by Tom Casto, represented by attorney Victor Johnson, to approve the rezoning of a 1.68-acre tract and a 3.304 piece of property to “business” at Casto’s Lem Edwards Road property.

Commissioners Lee Allen, Brian Kirk and Derek Doster voted for the action, while Theresa Bettis voted “No.”

The rezonings open the door for over 40 additional bunkhouse trailers on Casto’s property. He already has more than 60 on site. The trailers are transported for sleeping quarters for emergency personnel when they work an emergency site, such the aftermath of a hurricane or tornado.

Four neighbors spoke in opposition of the rezoning, citing traffic and safety concerns, worry about storm water runoff issues and concerns about the property owner. They provided photos to the board of what the trailers look like, and they urged the county commissioners to say “No” to Casto’s requests.

Johnson countered that the property is off a major highway and by CSX railroad. He said the land is in an appropriate place for such a business according to the county’s land use plan.

In other matters, the board postponed a decision on a request by Minish Girls LLC to rezone a 40.44-acre parcel on Loop Road from A-2 to A-1.

Six chicken houses and a stack house are being planned for the property. However, attorney Victor Johnson, who represents the applicants, said there was a miscommunication with the potential buyer on what was planned. The wrong information was provided to the planning commission. The original understanding was for six stack houses, not six poultry houses and a stack house. The commissioners agreed that the matter should go back before the zoning board with the correct information.

The board approved a request by Austin McDaniel, representing his grandfather, Richard Barrett, to rezone his 4.93-acre parcel on Sailor Road from A-1 to R-R for another home site.

The commissioners approved a request by Brandon King, representing Michael Herd, to rezone his five-acre parcel from A-2 to A-1 to combine with his adjoining property. The property is located on Map 100 Parcel 4 on Reed Brawner Road in District 4.


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