The Madison County Clean Power Coalition (MCCPC) will release the results of its noise survey at a Zoom meeting at 3:30 pm Monday, April 19.

The survey, conducted in January and February of this year, was publicized in the Madison County Journal and distributed by direct mail and personal contact with residents within a three-mile radius of the Georgia Renewable Power (GRP) plant. There were 165 respondents to the survey.

Residents were asked questions about their distance from the GRP plant, what times of day they were at home, and how the noise from the plant affected them, among other questions.

MCCPC Co-Chairs Gina Ward and Drago Tesanovich said the survey showed that impacts on residents were felt well beyond the three-mile radius.

“The impacts were widespread, not just near the plant,” they said.

The survey results will be compared with results from the Arpeggio Acoustics Sound Study of GRP plant noise, contracted by the Madison County Commission in February. Arpeggio deployed calibrated meters at selected locations near the GRP plant to monitor sounds from daily operations.

The Zoom presentation will summarize and highlight the MCCPC noise survey results and allow time for questions from attendees. The public, the media, elected officials, and all interested parties are invited and encouraged to attend. The Zoom link is:

Meeting ID: 864 9731 5925

Passcode: 608665

Or visit: for more information.


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Allyana Ziolko

Of all the articles on GRP and the complaints that are voiced about its pollution and noise, I have not seen the name of one single politician or county official that approved this project in the first place. Why is that?

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