Frank May

•Please provide a brief summary of your educational/work/public service background.

I am a loving father, a devoted husband, and a proud public-school teacher. Above even these things, I am a follower of Christ, and have been lucky enough to have been instilled with unwavering, conservative convictions by my parents, who likewise imparted upon me a servant’s disposition. These are the same values, and the same lessons, my beautiful wife Missy and I are instilling in our own two children today: proven values, conservative values – values that work, rooted in Christian charity, hard work, personal responsibility, a love of country, and doing things the right way, always. I was born and raised here in Madison County, bleed Raider red and gray, and feel a deep-seated connection with the wonderful people who call the hard clay and rolling hills of Georgia’s Piedmont home. It is because of our conservative values, and a strong desire to see Madison County grow and prosper while maintaining who we are and where we came from, that I decided to enter the race for District 3 Commissioner.

•What makes you the best choice for this position?

Only one candidate in this race has the experience, the temperament, and the cultivated relationships that it takes to help lead District 3. As a teacher, and especially as one who has been responsible for teaching children with special needs, I have made a living solving problems on the fly and working with others to achieve difficult goals. "Teaching is learning," as the saying goes, and I always take every opportunity to learn as much as possible before making decisions, in my home, for my family, and in the classroom. I will do the same for the citizens of Madison County. I will approach business and policy decisions with common sense and a sense of responsibility for the wellbeing of our community. I'm running to serve this great county and will do so honestly and responsibly. I am the only candidate in this race who will put the county’s needs above my own. And I am the only candidate in this race with a proven track record of doing so.

•What are three concerns you have for Madison County? And if elected, what will you do to address those concerns?

Road maintenance is an area of concern for me. I will work to ensure that roads are improved and maintained throughout the county. As a bus driver at the high school and Hull-Sanford, I have driven many poorly maintained roads in the county. Some are virtually impassable when a heavy rain comes. Our county continues to grow and our road maintenance must be able to keep up with this growth.

Internet access is another area of concern for me. I will work to ensure that broadband internet access is available throughout the county to improve students' ability to work remotely if necessary. Available internet access will help businesses thrive as well… A century ago, this country made a commitment to spreading telephone service — then, the next big thing — across the entire nation, including in rural areas. It’s high time to pursue the same thing for rural broadband. Our county cannot compete for jobs, for wealth, and for a better standard of living without it.

Increased job opportunities for residents is a third area of concern. So many workers in the county are unemployed, underemployed, or must leave the county for work. Increasing job opportunities will improve the livelihood of many residents.

We live in a beautiful, friendly, rural community. I will work to maintain our small-town way of life while improving upon the lives and livelihoods of our citizens.


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