Marilyn Walton

Please provide a summary of your educational/work/public service background.

I attended Clayton State University in Morrow to study computer support. After a long career with Marta Transportation as a customer service agent, I found a passion in the medical field of dialysis as an administrative assistant where I have been working for the past seven years.

I was elected as a council member in the City of Hull in 2019 and still currently serve. In 2021, I received a Certificate of Recognition from the University of Georgia Carl Vinson Institute of Government for my dedicated hours of government training, which helped me to become a more knowledgeable elected official.

During my tenure in public service, I have been exposed to legislating and making tough decisions for the benefit of the community. I know how important and beneficial it is to build alliances with all facets of government; from our first responders to our water departments. Being in public service has taught me patience to bring about positive changes. It’s often needed because of the magnitude and complicated nature of a situation could be. By my husband being a Mayor, I have been able to see and learn first-hand how he deals with his constituents in a positive manner and uses resources effectively and efficiently. I know how important it is to undertake comprehensive planning and uses of development controls.

My public service has allowed me to coordinate and participate in programs such as the City of Hull’s Food Distribution Program which distributed over 10,000 lbs. of food in the community. During the beginning of the pandemic, I personally packed over 100 Covid-19 care packages for the community, which was passed out by the Boy Scouts, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and neighbors and friends of the community. As a Councilmember, I was proud to participate in Hull’s first-annual Summer Reading Enrichment Fair where we provided free hot dogs, chips, ice cream, storytelling and games put on by the Danielsville Library and have given away over 100 book bags with materials to the community including several to Hull Sanford Elementary School.

What makes you the best choice for this position?

I recognize that everyone needs each other. What others do affects you positively or negatively whether you realize it or not. I see everyone as equally deserving of opportunity as everyone else. Dividing society into different kinds of people is dangerous. The reality is that people in a society are more similar than they are different. Most people want to feel secure, to enjoy life, to feel needed, and to be able to contribute to society. Focusing on the differences only fosters unhealthy competition, negative stereotyping, animosity, and an “us” versus “them” mentality. I want to focus on similarities instead. I want to enhance unity and encourage decisions and behaviors that promote the common good and raise the standard of living in District 3 and in Madison County overall.

My mindset is “We’re all in this together; if the society succeeds, we all succeed; if the society fails, we all fail.” This leads to less organizational failure and to greater wealth for individuals. I recognize that some people may be in impoverished conditions through no fault of their own. It is not good to stigmatize such people as lacking ability, being lazy, or simply looking for a handout. Most people who are in poverty work for a living, and most of the rest are very desirous and willing to work. When provided with proper resources and opportunity, people from impoverished backgrounds blossom and make meaningful contributions to their own lives and to the society around them. I am willing and desire to positively involve all citizens of District 3.

As a county commissioner, I see myself as a steward of resources to assure that the resources are wisely and completely used for the benefit of District 3 and Madison County as a whole. I am running to provide a service back to the community in which I live. I don’t have any personal vendetta against an issue or problem or individual. I simply have a genuine interest in civic responsibility.

What are three concerns you have for Madison County? And if elected, what will you do to address those concerns?

1. Property taxes are a concern not only for me but my constituents. I plan on finding other means of revenue without charging more property taxes.

2. Parks, playgrounds and recreational facilities is another concern of mine. District 3 is growing tremendously with a younger generation. Children really have no place to play besides their front yards or in the middle of the streets. I plan to investigate grant opportunities and partnership with other agencies to bring more recreation opportunities in District 3 and Madison County for our youth.

3. Law enforcement. It is imperative that our law enforcement remains well equipped with all the necessary tools and resources to keep Madison County residents safe. This is one of the reasons as a Hull council member, I recently voted to supply our brave Madison County Sheriff’s Office funding for needed tasers so they would have the better option of using less lethal force in their duties.


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