Madison County Sheriff J. Michael Moore has announced that he will seek re-election in the 2020 election.

“I gave my word to dedicate my life to Madison County and serve with honesty and integrity as your elected Sheriff,” said Moore. “I have poured my heart and soul into my work and I ask for you to allow me the privilege to continue what we have started.”

Moore said that he and his administration have met many goals that he pledged during his first campaign.

“The first four years are about learning the job, but during that time, we accomplished so many things we set out to when I first took office,” said Moore. “While we will continue to learn even more in this next term, we are determined to continue making improvements to better protect and serve our community.”

Drug prevention and offender apprehension remain at the top of Moore’s list for his administration.

“Ensuring that our streets and our schools are safe from drugs is very important to me and our officers,” said Moore. “Our deputies have steadily fought to get drugs off the streets of Madison County and we will continue to diligently fight that battle.”

Moore began the first female and senior citizens self-defense classes offered by the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

“These community-involved classes have been very popular and give our officers an opportunity to provide the knowledge and tools for these citizens to better defend and protect themselves,” said Moore. “This community outreach also allows our officers a great opportunity to interact with citizens in a positive light.”

Moore noted that within the first month of taking office he took action to fulfill his pledge to purchase and install laptop computers in every deputy’s patrol vehicle at no cost to the taxpayers, adding that the computers monitor each officer’s activity and increase productivity. In 2017, Moore began overseeing the MC911 Center and its operations in an effort to improve efficiency and modernize.

Moore encourages citizens to contact or visit him with any questions or concerns.

“I will strive to continue serving the citizens of Madison County with the same integrity, transparency and dedication that I have the past four years,” said Moore. “I am asking for your vote this year for Sheriff of Madison County.”


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