Madison County BOC

Pictured (L-R) at Monday's county commission meeting are Dennis Adams, Terry Chandler, chairman Todd Higdon, Theresa Bettis, Brian Kirk, Derek Doster and attorney Mike Pruett.

Todd Higdon presided over his first meeting as county commission chairman Monday, while two fellow board members, Dennis Adams and Terry Chandler, also took their seats for the first time at the board table.

“Not much to report; today’s the first day,” said Higdon during the “chairman’s reports” agenda item. “I got about eight or nine hours under my belt so far.”

Monday’s meeting included routine zoning hearings that involved no opposition. The meeting was over in about 20 minutes.

Higdon thanked former county commission chairman John Scarborough for his helpfulness during the transition.

“He went above and beyond to make my next four years very pleasant, at least to the best it could be,” said Higdon. “He provided every bit of information that I needed to have.”

The new chairman also welcomed Adams and Chandler to the table.

“I think the county is going to be well served with these two,” he said. “I look forward to the next four years working with Brian (Kirk), Teresa (Bettis) and Derek (Doster), Danny and Terry. I think Madison County has a pretty bright future.”

Higdon said the county is on sound financial footing as he takes office.

“I will say to the people of Madison County, I may be the very first chairman to ever be elected with a budget in the black, which makes my life a little bit better and Madison County residents’ lives a little better,” he said.

The chairman also noted that the board will hold a public hearing at 6 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 14 in the county commission meeting room on the 2021 county budget.

In a separate matter Monday, the commissioners approved a one-time payout for employees who were not able to use all of their vacation time in 2020 due to COVID-19 and the elections. Some employees couldn’t take vacation because other people were out due to quarantine or being sick. Higdon said that about seven employees were unable to use vacation days and that the total hours to be paid out is less than 150.

The board also discussed the recommendation of Brad Huff as assistant director at the recreation department. The group will vote on his hiring later this month.

A request by Ned Butler with Reliant Homes representing Pridgen Enterprises to rezone 64.4 acres on Spratlin Mill Road for phase two of Woodbury Subdivision was withdrawn.

Requests by Adam Swann to rezone 39.3-acre and a 35.3-acre tracts on Garnett Ward Road from A-1 to R-1 for a major subdivision were postponed until February.

In other zoning matters:

•The board unanimously approved a request by Shirley Lightner, representing Judd Theryl, to rezone his 1.8-acre parcel from B to R-1 on Wesley Chapel Road.

•Commissioners unanimously approved a request by Ken Scoville to rezone his 7.83-acre property on Morris Creek Drive from A-1 to R-R to combine with his adjoining property where he lives.

•The board unanimously approved a request by Amy Dowell to rezone 1.86 acres of her 11.86-acre property on Brickyard Road from A-1 to R-1 to give to her niece for a home site.

• Commissioners unanimously approved a request by Joshua Pruitt representing Anita Evans to rezone approximately two acres of her 4.98-acre parcel on Evans Drive from A-2 to R-R. The remaining 2.98 acres will be combined with the adjacent property.

•The board unanimously approved a request by Eugene Knight representing Debra Hanson in her request to rezone 2.4 acres on Della Slaten Road to give to her nephew to add to his adjacent property.


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