The Comer Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center (Comer Nursing Home) remains free of the coronavirus as of Friday.

Administrator Bo Dalton said this week that the nursing home is continuing to administer strict protocol in regard to visitors and monitoring staff and nursing home residents for illness with temperature checks and screenings.

Dalton said there are currently 98 residents in the 116-bed facility.

Nursing home staff are encouraging residents and family members to communicate through phone calls and through Facetime. He said there have been some family members who come to the windows outside to wave to their relative while talking on the phone.

Nearby, Dalton said one man in particular comes every day to “see” his dad through the windows of his room.

“It’s very moving,” Dalton said.

Nearby, Hampton House, a 21-bed personal care home housed in a historic home in Colbert, has implemented strict guidelines to protect its residents during the coronavirus pandemic.

Community relations director Sheri Hendricks said Tuesday that the Hampton House currently has 14 residents. The administration implemented a shelter in place order on March 14. She said the order includes a no visitor policy and that only essential workers and hospice care nurses are allowed inside the facility at this time.

“Unfortunately, our residents watch TV and they are seeing a lot of scary things lately, so we try to keep them busy and involved in a lot of extra activity,” Hendricks said.

She said most of the residents have lived through a lot in their lives and are able to have some perspective on current events as a result of that.

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