IDA meeting

The county industrial authority heard from Madison and Franklin county residents Oct. 21 who voiced concerns about Georgia Renewable Power plants in Colbert and Carnesville.

There is the smell and the soot from the new power plant. There is noise. And in Carnesville, there was a water runoff accident that killed fish in a creek that feeds into the Broad River.

About 10 Franklin County residents who live close to the Georgia Renewable Power (GRP) plant in Carnesville attended the Madison County Industrial Development and Building Authority meeting Oct. 21 to share their experiences and to learn about what’s happening at Carnesville’s sister operation, the GRP biomass plant in Colbert off Hwy. 72.


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Barbara Proud

I lived off of Hwy 198 in Carnesville, less than 2 miles from the power plant & the noise is unbearable at times! It sounds about like 2 jets with engines wide open hovering in 1 place! And at different times day & night, I have heard it extremely load at 1am -2:30am & on Sunday mornings at like 9am & I have wondered how that affects the churches trying to hold services while that plant has its exhaust blasting! It has totally destroyed our quiet & peaceful area! And we had no notice on the plant moving in before hand! I moved here from Gwinnett County in 1997 & now I wanna sell my property to move away from the constant day & night noise coming from that plant!!

Ted Fowler

An industry with the magnitude such as the Parallam plant and the GRP plant should never have been put in this location in the first place. It was done without reguard to the residents in the area. Facilities such as these should be in a remote area away from people not in our back yard. This is not Athens ot Atlanta this is the country that is slowly fading away. Our agriculture will soon be no more. Ted Fowler

Virginia Moss

"It's not a perfect world" so let's just go on destroying our planet, crushing the little people and blocking every attempt to make things better for all people. The solution to this is to put back the regulation(s) that the Trump administration recently removed as a favor to an industry that donated substantially to his campaign and inaugural fund. Trump, you should know, is for sale to the highest bidder. So are many other politicians. I agree that there are government rules and regulations that make no sense or are unnecessary; they should be reviewed and eliminated. This is not one of them!

James Cline

Comparing the emissions from an automobile to what these 2 GRP plants have been permitted to burn is juvenile and reflects the absolute lowest understanding of science.

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