A Loganville woman has filed a civil suit against Madison County Commission Chairman John Scarborough and the Madison County Board of Commissioners over an automobile accident she had with the chairman on the Athens loop on July 17, 2019. Scarborough said he was traveling to an area Action Inc. meeting in Athens when the wreck occurred.

According to an accident report from the Athens-Clarke County Police Department, Diane Meishelle Hodge was traveling in a 2013 Ford Fusion when she attempted to change lanes in rainy conditions due to traffic ahead on the Outer Loop Georgia 10 Highway near Tallassee Road. She was struck from behind by Scarborough, who traveled in a county-owned 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe. Julie Phillips was also listed as a passenger in the vehicle.

“(Hodge) thought she had enough clearance to make a lane change,” the report stated. “(Scarborough) was traveling in the right lane traveling straight. (Hodge) came into his lane of traffic. (Scarborough) did not have enough distance to stop and struck (Hodge) in the rear causing functional damage to both vehicles.”

The impact of the collision knocked Hodge’s car into a third vehicle driven by Sylvia Dorsey of Social Circle. Hodge suffered undisclosed injuries. Dorsey complained of neck pain.

Hodge, who was cited for failure to maintain lane, told the officer: “I had enough space to make the lane change.”

Scarborough said: “She just came into my lane and I tried to stop.”

In a letter issued to Scarborough, Hodge’s attorney, Adam Cain, said his client is seeking compensation for injuries sustained in the wreck.

“To the extent that you require us to provide a dollar value for this claim, we believe that the value of this claim may exceed $25,000,” wrote Cain.


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